Botswana’s team shows some amazing ball technic and team spirit tonight. The goal shooter’s speed and zeal is nothing but a lion’s engaging atmosphere.

Team Botswana’s captain, Sasa Hans led the team’s side to glory at the University of Botswana Indoor Sports Centre. They had the best goaler in the world, in the circle, who shot a game-high 48 from 50 attempts, ending the match with 96% accuracy. We saw the girls flying high and speeding and playing hardball with atmost slay and resilience and with such great ambiance from over 3000 people in the indoor sports arena.

Botswana won 48 to 46 against Jamaica. The patriotism from batswana was beyond amazing and captivating.

While talent obviously played an integral role in the team’s success on court, Sasa Hans said the support off-court had been a great boost to them and they are excited to see Botswana happy.

The lead-up to this game had been particularly special for the team. There has been a serious preparation for this game, signs of support from local leaders and businesses from all over the country.

“They feel very well supported,”  Sasa said.

Team Botswana have immersed themselves in making sure that the community is proud of them through the world cup.

“We really want the team to be the community’s team and it is unique being the only Youth national team in Botswana,” she said.

Source: Tsena Online Botswana

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