The Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) has been in existence since 1965 as an independent body, with the Botswana National Football Association (BNFA) as its only member affiliate. As an independent organisation, the BNSC relied on private donors for funding, and largely on the Bechuanaland National Sports Appeal Fund (BENSAF), which was also established in 1965 (B. Masala on Sports in Botswana: E.O. Owolabi & J. Thomas Adolph 1996). BENSAF, as the name suggests, was entrusted with soliciting funds from within the country and internationally, with a mission to construct sports facilities and source equipment. It was through the donations and self help initiatives that Botswana saw its first National Stadium completed and officially opened in September 1966.

In the same year, BNSC recognised the existence of Botswana National Lawn Tennis Association (BNLTA). Like the BNFA, the BNLTA also benefited from BENSAF efforts. Of the two BNFA activities were more dominant. Although there was no truly national league, the activities of football were organised by individual clubs who played teams from neighboring countries. In the course of time some individual clubs became disgruntled with the BNFA, affecting the general administration and organisation of football in the country. By 1972 these problems led to the institution of the Commission of Enquiry into the affairs of BNFA.

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