Under the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012, BOCRA has complete authority – within the guidelines established by the 1995 Telecommunication Policy – to license all operators. The telecommunications industry continues to experience significant growth in terms of the total number of consumers of telecommunications services especially the mobile technology.

The Telecommunications/ICT sector has undergone numerous reforms since the introduction of competition in 1998. Currently three Public Telecommunication Operators (PTOs) provide local, international, national and mobile services. The market structure for local services, domestic long distance services, market for international long distance services and market structure for mobile services has been partly liberalised. The market for private networks is fully liberalised as VANS may provide services using any technology including VSAT. The market for terminal equipment trade is also fully liberalised as no telecommunications licence is required to sell terminal equipment, however, vendors for radio equipment have to be approved by the BOCRA, as one of the functions of the BOCRA is to type approve such equipment.

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